Working Here

Working Here is Everything You'd Expect—and More

male employee

“Life at Converse is daring, creative, youthful, optimistic and inventive…and we are paid to be here. I’m in.”

I grew up with a love for sports and design. When it was clear that my career was not going to be as a pro athlete, I followed my passion for art and creativity. I went to Syracuse University to study Communications Design, Marketing and Photography. I started my professional career in NYC on the agency side and then ran a small design shop with two partners. Since we spend most of our waking hours working, I wanted the work I was doing to be inspiring and purposeful.

At first, I wasn’t aware of the creative opportunities that existed at a place like Converse, but I’ve found a home here: a brand I am passionate about, products I believe in, and a creative and inspiring culture. I have the pleasure of working cross-functionally with extremely talented people to invent and deliver new products and experiences. Right now, we are focused on helping define and create what “next” looks like for Converse. I am passionate about developing more sustainable products, and also helping our young creative talent evolve. Being so connected to this brand empowers me to over-stay my own youth.

I think one of the strongest things about Converse is that it is led by our consumers—passionate creative people outside of the walls of Converse who breathe new life into the brand. Musicians, athletes and rebellious youth do their thing and dare to be great while wearing our products, which has given us authentic foundation in self-expression, creativity and sport. It is our responsibility to continue to build and evolve the 110-year story of this truly democratic and collaborative brand.

Brandon A.

VP, Global Innovation