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The Inside Scoop with Hallie

Converse employee

Hallie P., University Relations Lead, Talent Acquisition, gives the inside scoop on her role and shares some helpful tips for potential applicants looking to apply for the Converse Internship program.

What is your role and title at Converse?

My role: My time is spent between University Relations engagement, intern recruiting and program management. I am responsible for recruiting top intern talent, building our brand on campus and also managing our summer internship program.

What are some general résumé tips for applicants to Converse Intern Program?

I recommend including your education section at the top of your resume – it makes it easy for a Recruiter to understand your level of education, major and GPA before diving into your past experiences. This may be a pretty basic resume tip, but is super helpful due to the high volume of intern applicants we receive.

What advice do you have for intern applicants? Is it critical to apply to jobs related to their major?

It definitely helps but I don’t think it’s critical. If the position doesn’t necessarily align with the applicant’s major, I always hone in on what kind of transferable skills that candidate may have from past experiences that would be relevant to the role at hand.

I also recommend that applicants thoroughly review the job description before applying and ensure that it’s the right role for them before submitting their resume. Not only do we want strong candidates, we also want candidates who are passionate about the role and excited about the opportunity!

In your opinion, what makes a candidate really stand out to a recruiter?

A robust resume – seeing folks who are able to balance academics and extra curriculars.

A strong communicator – I always appreciate when candidates are timely in their responses back to me. It helps keep the recruiting process flowing!

What is something great about Converse that outsiders wouldn’t necessarily know?

The energy here is electric! Converse HQ is filled with such talented employees who are super passionate about our brand. It’s very inspiring.

If you could describe life at Converse in one sentence, what would you say?

Life at Converse is fun – there is never a dull moment and it makes coming to work that much better.